Change the Flag

For this assignment I chose to manipulate an iconic image from ANZAC day, a national holiday in Australia that remembers ANZACs who were killed in a battle at Gallipoli in World War I. The ANZAC soldier on a horse holding the flag has become an image of unity Australians and evokes respect for the men who died in battle. However, for years there has been debate over if the Australian flag should be changed to the Aboriginal flag.

When Australia was colonised by the British, the Aboriginal people who inhabited the land were killed, and separated from their children. In 2009, Kevin Rudd, the prime minister at the time, made the first apology to the Aboriginals for the way they had been treated. The Australian flag represents unity; however, this is not encapsulated in the current flag that displays the union jack and southern cross constellation.

The Aboriginal flag is in 3 parts, a black rectangle at the top to represent the sky, a red rectangle at the bottom to represent the red sand that fills the centre of the country, and a yellow circle in the middle to represent the sun.

Changing the Australian flag to the Aboriginal flag would not only show respect to the people who originally inhabited the land but would also be both an apology for their mistreatment and a better representation of the connection that all Australians feel with one another. Placing this flag on the ANZAC soldier represents the idea that the ANZACS fought for every Australian, including the Aboriginal people, who deserve respect and an apology for their past treatment by white settlers.

Photoshop Sources:

Iconic Image: Collecting Postcards

Aboriginal Flag: New Matilda

Featured Image: MSN News

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